I coach senior executives, leaders in transition and individual contributors aspiring to be leaders. My goal is to support and challenge them to create enduring changes they need to make to achieve goals and make a difference. They experience the process of internal change triggered by self awareness with me by their side, helping them and holding them accountable to the goals they want to achieve.

Philosophy, style and approach

My unique, practical and intuitive style demystifies what it takes to achieve seemingly unachievable goals. Individuals begin to acquire new skills or hone existing ones helping them enhance their leadership competencies. Result and solution focused coaching engages clients to become deeply aware of their unique gifts which they can leverage to grow meaningfully. Goals are realistic which stretch clients beyond their comfort zone and catapult them safely to new heights.

Conversations become a safe haven where clients volunteer deep 'reality' which they may not have shared with anybody else. Insights; realization that taking baby steps towards desired change; learning from failures and successes of this journey, become an integral part of the process.

I facilitate debrief of Personality instruments, 360 degree Reports to help set powerful goals.

Some coaching touch points

Here are some of areas she supported and helped coachees make significant headway:

  • Helping a recently promoted CIO to magnify his Executive Presence and lead virtual teams across the globe with enhanced confidence.
  • Supporting a General Counsel to leverage personal power and build on Influencing without authority
  • Facilitating BU Head (Technical) to hone his skills of empathy and Listening for nuance to achieve more depth in understanding and give people his peers and subordinates the satisfaction of being understood.
  • Supporting a lady Executive Director to managing her Brand with authenticity to powerfully influence when managing upwards.
  • Helping a CEO to ‘find more meaning’ and leave a legacy in his role
  • Facilitating a CFO to surface and overcome unconscious biases and rebuild crucial stakeholder relationships.
  • Supporting a senior leader to train his capacity to be more attentive, creating a space in the presence of chaos, distraction and crisis to make informed choices
  • Helping a Technology Architect in an individual contributor role ‘be a leader of choice.
  • Helping a Marketing Director, APAC to live a balanced and wholesome life
  • Supporting a COO to making informed choices and decisions in the presence of ambiguity
  • Helping a senior leader to move away from ‘giving’ solutions to ‘asking’ questions’ to develop people

Ripple Effects

We live in an interdependent reality. Individual and collective efforts, both are imperative for delivering consistent, superior results. The outcomes of coaching individuals and groups have far reaching effects.

Not only do they transform individuals and teams but also impact their entire ecosystem. This creates synergy where the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. When an individual changes, people around are influenced and it results in a powerful ripple effect.

The impact is felt far and wide.

A typical Coaching intervention

"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."